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What we do
at Meredith Road

There is so much going on at Meredith Road
throughout the week, not just on a Sunday.

Activities for children

On Sunday mornings children of all ages
can enjoy singing, stories, play and activities in their own CONNECT group.

On Tuesday lunchtimes bring your toddlers to OAKS & ACORNS and stay to natter & play.


JAM Club is after school on alternate Tuesdays for 8-11 yr olds.

Activities for young people

On Sunday mornings young people 
can enjoy their own Bible reading, sharing, discussion & prayer in TROGs.

BULLETPROOF is a club on alternate Tuesday evenings for 11-16 yr olds.

There is also cell groups for our young people which meet in a home.

Sports Team

Activities for the Gents

Enjoy some banter with your bacon? Our Men's BREAKFAST monthly on a Saturday is a great way to chill out with our gents.


There are fortnightly House Groups, plus groups which Pray, do Gardening, go Walking, help with Practical stuff, and we have our own Football Club.

Activites for the Ladies

Enjoy some giggles with your croissant? Our Ladies' BREAKFAST monthly on a Saturday is a gentle way to get to know each other. There is a book club, and occasionally we eat out together. 


There are fortnightly House Groups, plus groups which Pray, do Gardening, go Walking, help with Catering, or come about coming to our Craft days.

Model Airplane Maker

Stuff for those with time

For those who may be retired or have more time on a weekday, there are other things going on too:

There is a book club which meets occasionally.

Monday mornings is a weekly Prayer time at 9:30am.


Coffee chat happens every Wednesday at 11am.

Thursday mornings we hold a smaller more relaxed Worship service, ideal for those who don't like large gatherings, or who can't meet on Sunday.

Stuff for new believers

We love helping people to get to know more about us and what we believe. The church leadership regular run courses to help you find out more like:

ALPHA - what is the meaning of life?

BAPTISM - why would you want to do that?

MEMBERSHIP - can I get more involved?

Stuff for those in need

Our people are a loving, caring community. We love to help those around us.

Are you lonely? Do you want prayer?

Do you want a helping hand? 

Tell us about your situation, and we will arrange for someone to call you to chat.

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