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Our Church's

Before 1869

  • Some time between 1614 and 1626 the first congregation of Baptist Christians began to gather in Coventry, probably under the leadership of Rev Helwys.

  • 25 August 1822 William Jarvis held the first General Baptist meeting in a room in Bell Court, a brewery yard in Much Park Street, and by 1823 a church was formed.

  • 24 April 1825 They opened St.Mary’s Mission chapel in Whitefriars Lane able to seat 300.

  • In 1851 classrooms and a gallery were added increasing the capacity to 500.



  • 4 May 1869 A new chapel opened in Gosford Street (opposite the William Morris building).

  • 26 August 1922 A new hall was added behind.

  • 25 October 1928 Coventry celebrates 300 years of Baptist churches in the city.

  • In 1930s Gosford St church members express interest in new housing estates in Stoke where no church existed.

  • 20 October 1940 A Nazi bomb damages the chapel in Gosford Street, so for three weeks the congregation worships with St Michael’s Baptist congregation in Hay Lane.

  • 14 November 1940 The building in Hay Lane is destroyed. so the combined congregation meets in rear hall at Gosford Street behind the damaged church.


  • The War Damage Commission offers money to rebuild both churches in Gosford Street and Hay Lane.

  • Vacant land on the Poets estate in the eastern suburbs is obtained for the Gosford Street congregation.

  • 14 January 1950 A basic hall with a small kitchen, vestry and baptistry opens its doors on corner of Meredith Road and Tennyson Road, with the Sunday School using Ravensdale Junior School.

  • 30 September 1954 The Hay Lane congregation move into Quinton Park Baptist Church.

  • 1 December 1956 A sunday school room was added behind Meredith Road and named after Joseph Garlick.

  • And an extension with more toilets and a further meeting room were added behind.

During that time the following were our ministers:

1940-1955    Rev Joseph Richards

1955-1959    Rev Elvet Bryn-Jones

1960-1966    Rev Richard Garrett


1968 to date

  • 19 October 1968 Family services begin in the newly-opened octagonal sanctuary.

  • A lounge named after Joseph Richards is added behind the platform.

  • 9 September 1972 we celebrated 150 years since the first congregation gathered in Much Park Street.

  • 1984 In partnership with St Bartholomew's we helped to plant a church in Binley Woods. Around the same time some members moved to strengthen Lawrence Saunders Road Baptist in Coundon.

Recently the following have been our ministers:

1966-1972    Rev David Beer

1972-2009    Rev Maurice Markham

2009-2014    Ian Burton

2014-2022    Rev Mike Asbery

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