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Baptist Minister

We are looking for someone who has a close relationship with God which is reflected in their love for others and also in their passion for our church to thrive, develop and grow, both as individuals and as a body, as we look to further God’s Kingdom together.

The ability to preach well and wisely, based on biblical principles and openness to the Holy Spirit, is crucial.

We are looking for someone who will lead collaboratively and act as an enabler of others to develop their skills and giftings. We are especially keen to continue and develop further our pastoral care either by the minister personally or under his/her guidance.

We have thriving groups of children and young people and would want these to be developed, encouraged and expanded. The elders, deacons and the office administrator will be in spiritual and administrative support, as we move together to develop and expand our church and our role in our community.

All applications for this role are being handled through the Baptist Union of Great Britain. More details about that process  
Please pray for us through this season.

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